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    Seeking an Intergenerational Workforce

    Thursday, February 14, 2019

    Registration 11:15am

    Lunch and Program  11:30am - 1:15pm

    Presented by Janet Waters

    Many organizations are woefully unprepared for the rapidly and persistently shifting age demographics of our time. In the United States, more than 11,000 people turn 65 every day.  Next year more people will be over 60 than under 18.  People are healthier and better educated than ever before but they are not necessarily wealthier.  For many, retirement at age 65 is not desirable or practical.  Many employers fail to address this changing reality.  Too often, they focus on attracting younger workers while failing to develop strategies to find, retain and support older job applicants and employees.

    Join me as we explore approaches to hiring and retention that are intentional about developing an intergenerational workforce. We will bust ageist myths; we will ponder the value of a workforce that is diverse by age; and, we will consider the benefits of flexible employment.  We can turn crisis into opportunity.

    Janet Waters is Manager of the Intergenerational Workforce at Ascentria Care Alliance.  She works to engage age 50+ talent to support the mission of Ascentria in its work with children and youth.  In her role, Janet promotes paid and unpaid opportunities to create meaningful intergenerational experiences between older adults and young people. 

    Janet has recent extensive experience consulting to and delivering services for families with children of different needs, multiples, and mental health issues.

    Previously, Janet has held a variety of positions in the field of Criminal Justice. She was Clinical Director and then Program Director for a locked treatment facility for violent juvenile offenders, specializing in sex offender therapy and clinical group therapy for gang members.  Janet also has experience in the adult correctional system, serving as the Director of Volunteer Services and then Director of Classification for the Suffolk County House of Correction in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Janet earned her B.A. in History and Women’s Studies from Yale University and earned the Dupuis Award for Scholarship. She earned her M.Div. at Harvard University where she won the Billings Prize for Preaching.



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    Marijuana Sales and Constraints on Employers

    By Michael P. Murphy, Esq.
    Mirick O'Connell

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    Hot Topic

    Caregiving Benefits Tend to Miss the Mark

    By Steve Miller, CEBS/SHRM

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    Diversity Corner

    If you know of any diversity events happening in the area and would like to have them included in a future newsletter, please email Lynn Munday at

    HRMA Diversity Statement
    HRMA seeks to assure that opportunities exist for members to develop cultural competencies through programming on a consistent basis and to plan methods and implement strategies to help HRMA enhance its efforts to recruit diverse professionals into the membership and leadership ranks.

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